What Type Of Results Can I Expect?

I currently have a 90% success rate and have turned startups into 200,000 per year companies in 2-3 months from the start. The fact is, 80% of our population is using search engines to hire companies. I can build a lead generating machine that when combined with SEO, can send you hundreds of leads per month. You could pay the lead companies, or I can build you the same system they use.

Why I Chose ISO / MCA Companies To Partner With

A while back, I worked for one of the largest mortgage lenders in the country. Almost daily, we’d get leads that we had to share with three other companies. That idea was insane to me; I knew that with a small marketing budget and a well-designed lead generating site, I’d be able to print my leads for just pennies; also, I wouldn’t have to share them with anyone else. The average cost for one lead in that industry was $50.00. This means that the lead generation companies were making $200.00 for someone’s name, email, and telephone number.

More Leads = More Money

I was able to get exclusive leads at $2.00 by creating simple landing pages and directing targeted traffic to those pages. Which would you rather spend? $50.00 and share the lead; or $2.00 and ditch the competition entirely? I’d say the choice is pretty simple.

Why I chose The MCA/ISO Industry To Work With

In 2008, the mortgage industry took a huge dive, and I decided to go back to web development and SEO work. That’s around the time I was told about ISO brokers and MCA companies. This is the market I want, and this is the area I chose to be involved. I can change companies for the better and help the small guys access much-needed funding. It’s a win-win. I saw the MCA / ISO world as the new mortgage industry.

How The ISO Lead Generation Process Works

It all starts with the bait. When I was younger, I’d go fishing with my dad and his brothers. Depending on the type of fish we were fishing for, we’d have to figure out the correct bait. If fishing up north for Brook Trout during the spawning season, we’d use Spawn bags. If fishing for Bass, it was nightcrawlers. The same formula works in advertising.

Creating Your Offer Is Key

Once you figure out who your target audience is, you’ll need to find the perfect bait. We call this “the offer.” Usually, the offer can be a free e-book, contest, or free trial. Whatever the case, the offer is the bait. Using SEO, we can send target traffic to the offer and print leads on demand.

Lead Generation Is What Us Web Nerds Do

I’m a 12-year web developer veteran with 20 years of marketing and sales experience. My job is building sales funnels and gathering targeted traffic directly to my clients offer. You can hire me directly, and I’ll work with you step by step to plan, build, and implement a strategy that will send leads to you weekly for years and years.

Enjoy Years Of Free Traffic

Most of my customers will stay number 1 for an extended period. If you’ve looked into SEO, you’ll hear a range of 200.00 300.00 per hour depending on what agency you speak with. I work alone, you hire me directly and save big time. If you are interested in proof, we can log in to my customer’s websites, and you’ll see I’m the site admin. I also can provide you with real references and not fake testimonials.

How Many ISO / Merchant Cash Advance Leads Can I Get?

I’ll work with you in the territory of your choice and help you to rank. Because I don’t want my clients to cross paths, I’m only going to take four clients per state, and if you found my site and are interested, you can check below for availability.

With a first page ranking and spot one ranking, you can expect around 30-100 leads per week. This depends on the territory you’re targeting, how many areas you choose, and what’s available.

Let’s Look At Some Numbers for Cash Advance

135,000 People are searching for the term “Cash Advance” every single month. If you were to sign up with Google Adwords and run an ad campaign, you’d average $3.05 for every single click on your ad. Most companies are lucky to get a 1% opt-in/ conversion on web forms, and it’s even lower on phone calls. Let’s take that 1% and see why you can’t afford to hire the wrong marketing guru. Would anyone suggest scaling a business that has to spend $305 to generate a single lead?

The problem starts with the page, with a conversion like that, you’ll never make it online. Maybe some of you boast a 10% opt-in rate, hardly worth getting excited about. Many of my clients have a 25% opt-in in on web forms and 15% on chats not to mention phone calls. That 40% of the traffic is in some way, starting a conversation. Now, that $300.00 isn’t looking so bad.

Why Do My Customers Get Such A High Return On Leads?

I’m using SEO and not paid ad’s for traffic, and research shows that organic results have a much higher rate of both engagement and sales.

What is an ISO Lender?

If you’re new to the ISO lending process, I can help. ISO stands for Independent Sales Organization. These are financial institutions that primarily focus on small businesses and help them gain access to funding. Many companies look to scale marketing budgets, implement new technology, or need to purchase more equipment for there company.

How Do I become a Merchant ISO?

Step 1 – Application Submission

The very first step is to look for a company you’d like to work with. You can work with any processor or an ISO that you want to resell for.
Buy Merchant Cash Advance Leads Directly

Don’t want to build your lead generation system?

Here are 7 Merchant Cash Advance Lead Companies
1. Leads Junction

This is a great place to order Merchant cash advance leads. Leads Junction offers lead verification, live transfer leads, and can send leads directly to a CRM of your choice.

2. Leads World

Coming in at number 2 on the list is Leads World. These guys and gals offer live transfer leads that are generated using outbound telemarketing. They filter prospects using a proven step by step system and send only qualified leads to your inbox or CRM.MCA Leads World Solutions is an international outsourcing firm located in Dhaka, Bangladesh

3. MCA Leads Warehouse

This is my favorite on the list. MCA Leads Warehouse is a great company and takes lead generation very seriously. They started with the alternative financing sector and grew along with the MCA industry from the very beginning. They know what it takes to find quality MCA, and ISO leads.

4. Merchant Financial Leads

This organization uses multiple forms of marketing to target companies looking for financial resources and delivers those results directly to you. They use direct mail marketing, telemarketing, and grow their business through various relationships and networking systems. They use a unique form of marketing that targets companies explicitly earning at least 300,000 per year in revenue.

5. MCA Leads

MCA leads another great resource. They’re a full-service direct marketing agency with a primary focus on lead generation and client acquisition for the Merchant Cash Advance industry. They have genuinely high standards with lead acquisition and use Live Transfer / Real-Time Appointment placements.

6. Lead Tycoons

This is a new website. They offer a wide selection of incredible resources including aged leads, credit challenged business leads, and even real-time leads for around $50.00

7. Silver Bullet Marketing

They’re one of the better lead targeting agencies. Their trigger lead identifies a business that has had its credit profile run by a merchant lender, commercial bank, or other financial company within the past 24 hours. You know what they say, “the early bird gets the worm.”